Should we go back to the Moon?

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With the celebrations of the Apollo Moon landings in recent days many people have been discussing the future of manned space travel. I am far to young to have witnessed the Moon landings myself, but everybody I speak to about it talks of the excitement of seeing those grainy pictures of men walking on the […]

Meeting with Malcolm

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Yesterday I and Malcolm had two hours meeting,discussion all aspects of technical issues…. We also noticed tha our publisher has acted speedily to implement our integration strategy that we agreed during the Telephone Conference on Monday 13th July.

Website Redesign

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As you may have noticed, the website has gone under a significant redesign over the last few days. The decision was taken at the last major teleconference that the YSJ plus site should be made into the full while the old site should be phased down to just the articles. This way our publishers […]

Increasing the efficiency of a hybrid polymer photovoltaic cell with polymer nanofiber complexes of varied thickness

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Introduction The purpose of this investigation is to increase the power output of a specific polymer when utilized in a photovoltaic cell. Fossil fuels are an efficient and reliable source of energy, but they are detrimental to the environment, producing pollutants and greenhouse gases.((Solomon S, Plattner GK, Knutti R, Friedlingstein P. Irreversible climate change due […]

Building from the Ground up: Nanostructures to microstructures

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Creativity is at the heart of existence. Throughout history, humankind has sought to create, whether it is a painting, a piece of architecture, or a machine. Incredible feats have been realized, with increasing complexity and diversity, as technology has enabled us to create larger buildings, more vibrant images, and smaller electronics. Although countless enabling discoveries […]