The reintroduction of hypnosis

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The Science behind hypnosis isn’t necessarily figured out as there is still very much a phenomenon. However, the general idea of hypnotism has recently been reintroduced here in the U.K through Derren Brown. He captivated the country by sticking the audience to their seats,(literally), his success without supposed subliminal messaging is great for the typical spectator, […]

The best six days EVER, part three

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Third and final part of my EUCYS adventure here. courtney_cspark We’re off to award ceremony now! Went shopping earlier + spent “judging session” wandering round meeting people –4:16 PM Sep 15th from txt Hannah, Ellie and I went to the Chaillet area of Paris for shopping since we had a few hours between the last […]

The best six days EVER, part two

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Realised halfway through writing the entry that it was ruh-heeeeally long, so I’ve split it into three parts (11/12 Sep, 13/14 Sep, 15/16 Sep). courtney_cspark More judging today, then a museum visit and lecture. Soooo tired after last night (but worth it!) –8:15 AM Sep 13th from txt Just an overview of the day to […]

The best six days EVER

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So, I recently attended the EU Contest for Young Scientists in Paris. As you can see from the title it was, y’know, okay. This post will elaborate on tweets I posted while at EUCYS (from @courtney_cspark in case you’re not already following). I was one of three UK representatives selected at the Big Bang Fair […]

The Age of Wonder wins Royal Society Prize for Science Books

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Richard Holmes’ book is a mixture of science and cultural history showing how scientific and literary endeavors enriched each other and were animated by common ideals. Started with diary of the  Botanist Joseph Banks, whose diaries of this paradisiacal island made him a scientific celebrity in the eighteen century. Ironically he was elected  as the president […]

Standard of Science Journalism

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This morning on the Today program there was an interesting piece on the quality of science journalism. For our non UK audience the Today program is breakfast news and comment show on BBC Radio 4. The piece was focused around the Minister for Science Lord Paul Drayson claim that there is a high standard of […]