Interstellar travel

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Interstellar travel, just a sci-fi phenomenon, or yet another once thought to be purely fictional idea which will be proved to be possible. This new theoretical interstellar spaceship will use dark matter as fuel. Headlined as “Dark Power” on the new scientist website, this complex theory of interstellar travel is based around the idea of time efficient travel […]

Atlantis crew prepare to return home

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The 31st shuttle flight to the International Space Station and its crew of 7 is preparing to return to Earth after a successful 9 day mission so far. Atlantis should arrive at Kennedy Space Centre in Florida at 9:44 am, EDT. For more information, visit: or for more information about the International Space Station, […]

Big Bang machine

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The Hadron Collider smashed proton beams together recently, three days after the 14 month shut down. A collision was detected at approximately 1:30 p.m. the 24th of Nov. as the two beams crossed/ crashed each other for the first time. Although this hasn’t uncovered anything informative to this point, it is still considered good progress. For more […]

Water on the Moon

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The LCROSS mission which we previously reported a few weeks ago has now turned out to be a successful mission as preliminary data from the Lunar Crater Observation Sensing Satelite (LCROSS) has uncovered traces of water during the impact on Oct. 9. Nasa said, “today opened a new chapter in our understanding of the moon”. […]

Wireless phones

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Current cordless phones/mobile phones have been recently found to have biological effects on the brain. There are currently no details on what exactly may be occurring biologically but the primary age groups this may affect are apparently adolescents and children. Although there is no proof for any health risks, this research is more of a […]

Science Recap for Late October 2009

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Prof. Joanne Manaster ( a member of YSJ international Advisory board) recollects on some of the more memorable science stories from the second half of October 2009. More links and information will be found soon at her website

Ancient aftershocks

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New seismological research indicates that modern earthquakes in the Midwest are aftershocks of big earthquakes from over two centuries ago.  The Midwest isn’t the only victim to such seismic activity as the Sichuan earthquake came out of the blue as the earthquakes which occurred in the Midwest did as well. To find out more about […]

Climate Change: The solutions

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In the October edition of new scientist there were energy saving inventions ranging from LED light bulbs for houses to a floor that recovers energy when you walk, all these ideas can make energy use much more efficient, and save you money. Look at the bottom of this page for people’s views and more ideas […]