Earthquake in Chile causes Earth to tilt 8cm.

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The earthquake that had a magnitude of 8.8 on the Richter Scale has been shown to have tilted the Earth’s axis by 8 centimetres and to have sped up the planet’s orbit by 1.26 microseconds. This means that days have been imperceptibly shortened and was caused by massive rocks close to the Earth’s core moving slightly, moving the entire […]

Dangerous asteroids lurking near earth

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NASA’s infrared telescope WISE (Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer) has recently spotted several potentially harmful asteroids which were once hidden. The use of this new infrared telescope which was originally designed to map the entire sky by observing infrared wavelengths, has made this astonishing discovery which does pose a threat to our planet as these asteroids […]

Emily Cummins comes to Canterbury

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Emily Cummins is coming to Canterbury for the Arkwright Scholarship and we hope to interview her along with some others here is a list 1.       Mike Percival in particular (as you have probably seen) wants to be interviewed promptly at 5:30 since he is making the evening presentation at 6:30pm.  He is interesting for his […]