The physics behind a drinking cat

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Recent studies into the physics behind how cats drink has uncovered some remarkable discoveries. The ‘J’ shape of a cat’s tongue when it drinks is efficient and keep the animal’s face dry. This sophisticated and fast way to drink, sometimes reaching speeds of 78cm per second, shows an exceptional level of development, and is full of scientific concepts […]

Andromeda born from a collision

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The Andromeda galaxy was created in a collision between two smaller galaxies, scientists have revealed. The international team of astronomers have created a computer simulation of its creation over time. The two smaller galaxies first collided 9.5 billion years ago, then they finally fused 5 billion years ago. This new research is believed by scientists […]

Shrinking Fish Discovered

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Research in Norway and Finland has shown that certain species of trout can decrease in length in order to conserve heat during winter. The cold-blooded marine iguana that lives in the Galapagos archipelago, can shrink by up to 20%, while other species like the juvenile brown trout decrease in size by about 10%. While this […]

Bats damaged by traffic noise

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Recent studies in Germany into the behaviour and habits of bats has found that they take longer to find their prey when subjected to loud traffic noises. From an experiment set up to simulate conditions in the wild with and without traffic noise, it was found that, over time, the bats’ efficiency to retreave their prey fractionally decreased. […]

Less Than 3,500 Wild Tigers Remain

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New reports suggest that, despite the number of tigers living in the wild are now dangerously low, it is estimated that 100 are killed every year. Tigers have been listed as an endangered species since 1987, but are often poached for their skin, claws and bones. For more information, visit: and to get involved […]

Young Scientist Journeys Book Signing Event 25th November 2010

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Venue: WaterStone Bookshop Canterbury  8 Rose LaneCanterbury, Kent CT1 2SJ  Map Date: Thursday November 25th 2010Time: 6:00-7:00 PM Open Invitation  Ms. Christina Astin, Head of Science,at King’s School Canterbury, co-edited a book called Young Scientist Journeys, which  is being launched at Waterstone’s in Canterbury on Thursday 25th November at 6pm, to which you are warmly invited. […]