New Profile of Muna Oli, Young Scientists Journal

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Muna Oli, Young Scientist Published: 24 Feb 2011, by: Julie Garrett When Muna Oli was 13, she accompanied her parents, wildlife ecologist Madan Oli and microbiologist Monika Oli, on a five-week trip to her father’s home village in Nepal. Not only did she bond with extended family, she also saw firsthand the suffering caused by extreme […]

Pfizer to shut down major research site

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Pfizer is closing down its UK research and development site in Sandwich, Kent, making over 2,000 people redundant.   Many scientific experts have said that the move is ‘devastating’ for science in Britain, and many political figures have also voiced major concerns about the future of R&D in Britain. Ruth Mckernan, Head of Pfizer’s Sandwich […]

China opts for thorium power plants

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China have devised a new nuclear programme, which includes the creation of many new Liquid Flouride Thorium Reactors which use thorium as the fuel.   The new nuclear programme will be in operation within 20 years, according to chinese officials. The new reactors will use liquid salt as the coolant and the fuel inside the […]