Big Bang Science Fair

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Last Thursday, 10th March, 150 pupils from King’s Canterbury visited the Big Bang science fair at ExCel in London.  I was already there (after a less-than-comfortable night in a local hotel) judging the Intermediate Science and Maths entries to the National Science and Engineering Competition whose finals were part of the event. I also used […]

Music Players May Impair Ability to Clearly Discriminate Sounds

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With the amount of people listening to Music Players at dangerously high levels, a study was undetaken by the National Institute for Physiological Sciences. Results suggested that people who listen to loud music for extended periods of time had difficulty discriminating between sounds. These neurophysiological changes burdens the nerves of the brain and auditory system […]

Earths Ecosytems under threat

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  Ocean acidification is putting the worlds coral underthreat, much of this is the result of coastal resorts directly throwing their waste into the Sea. Items such as plastic bags are litering the sea floor. However, promising research undertaken by Exeter University suggests that coral which drowned could return to life with warming seas and […]

Ibuprofen reduces risk of Parkinson's disease

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People who take Ibuprofen regularly have been shown to have a lower risk of Parkinson’s disease than others, new research suggests.   Ibuprofen is usually administered to patients with aches and pains, but new research in USA has shown it has another effect. The researchers looked at 135,000 patients who regularly took Ibuprofen, and these […]

Cannabis use 'raises psychosis risk'

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The British Medical Journal have undergone a study that suggests that the use of Cannabis at a young age can contribute to an increase risk for psycosis.   The study involed following a group of 1900 participants over a period of 10 years. Results showed that even when the use of different drugs and other […]

Lasers can act as 'tractor beams'

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  Lasers are able to drag small objects backwards towards their source, just like a tractor beam.     Unlike in science fiction movies, the lasers will only be able to pull very small objects towards them, not space ships. Scientists have known for a long time that light can push objects, and it is […]