Science Photography Competition

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YSJ Photography prize 2012 – PRESS RELEASE –   The Young Scientists Journal is pleased to announce the launch of its science photography competition this February. Students aged 18 and under, from anywhere in the world, are invited to submit their photos in the following categories. Energy – (open to all ages) Camouflage – (under […]

Infographic: The secret life of drinking water

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Water scarcity will be one of the defining features of the 21st century. The U.N. predicts that by 2025 two thirds of the world’s population will suffer water shortages. Here CNN takes a look at what we do with the water we can drink.

Biomining: How microbes help to mine copper

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Chile is the world’s biggest copper exporter, and has the planet’s largest known reserves of the red metal. Export of the metal is essential for Chile’s economy – it amounts to about 70% of all Chilean exports – and the more copper the country digs out, the more money pours in.  As Pilar Paddar, research […]

Mercury poles give up hints of water ice

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A Nasa spacecraft has found further tantalising evidence for the existence of water ice at Mercury’s poles. Though surface temperatures can soar above 400C, some craters at Mercury’s poles are permanently in shadow, turning them into so-called cold traps. Previous work has revealed patches near Mercury’s poles that strongly reflect radar – a characteristic of […]

Crocodiles have strongest bite

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Saltwater crocodiles have the strongest bite of any living animal, research has shown. The huge reptiles, which can measure more than 20ft, have jaws that snap shut with a force of 3,700lb, or almost two tons. In comparison, the great white shark has a chomping capacity of 2,095lb at the tip of its jaws. The […]