How do sloths breathe upside down?

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A team of Scientists at Swansea University has found out why sloths are able to spend up to 9o% of their lives hanging upside down, yet still breathing normally. This research was carried out in Costa Rica and published by the Royal Society here in the UK. This research found that the sloths, which live […]

Birth of Saturn's Moon Witnessed

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Sorry for not posting in a while – we’ve been plagued with computer issues!   Scientists say they have potentially witnessed what they believe could be the birth of Saturn’s 63rd Moon.  The probe Cassini has taken a black and white image of Saturn’s outermost ring which is believed to hold the evidence. It’s such […]

Website Technical Problems for Authors

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We are having some problems with the text editor for writing articles this is a known problem and we are working to fix it ASAP. At this time the problems will prevent you from submitting or editing articles. Update The article submission system now appears to be working normally, please report any problems to us.

UK plagued by record breaking pollution levels

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Thursday and Friday saw a huge elevation in pollution levels across Britain. in particular the South East. With the pollution levels now falling, what could be done to solve the problem? Why did we have so much pollution? The picture (left) shows the pollution levels in Central London on Thursday, it got so bad that […]