The Benefits of Oranges

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The Benefits of Oranges Oranges are one of the most popular fruits on the planet and for good reason. Not only do they taste nice but they are bursting with vitamins and minerals. In this article I will be going over some of the benefits of oranges and why you should eat more of them. […]

RSPG – The Enigma of Cosmic Rays

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The purpose of this project is to find out more about how cosmic rays are affected by the Earth’s atmosphere, if cosmic rays are related to lightning strikes and where they originate from. To test our hypotheses on the behaviour of cosmic rays, we constructed and tested a detector at our school, to be used for collecting data on cosmic rays. This information will be analysed and used by scientists all over the world to aid their research. In years to come, future students will be able to use the scintillator to test other hypotheses and contribute to the scientific community. This article will describe our current progress on constructing the detector.

RSPG – A Raspberry Pi Weather Balloon – FINISHED CW

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The aim of this project is to collect environmental data and take photographs from the upper atmosphere as an exercise in engineering and programming. The intention is to fly a helium-filled weather balloon up to a height of 37,000 metres, suspending a capsule of sensors powered by a Raspberry Pi microprocessor. Flight path will be determined using GPS data taken at regular intervals, with a pressure meter to help determine altitude. Temperature will also be taken at the same intervals via another module. Finally, a camera module will be attached to take a time lapse of the ascent. All of the data will be saved to an SD card. A radio module will broadcast the GPS signal so it is possible to find it once it has completed its ascent and fallen back to the ground. The capsule will consist of a high density closed cell foam box to protect the Raspberry Pi and sensors from damage during the fall.

CCTV, multiple webcams and a Raspberry Pi

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Multiple webcams were streamed live via the use of a Raspberry Pi, a credit card sized computer. Four webcams attached to the Pi was not possible which may be due to the Pi having an insufficient number of CPUs, however, three webcams was possible and were streamed live via the local network. The latter has applications in research where one needs to view different parts of an experiment at the same time, including different parts of a laser beam in order to check for alignment.

What is Capgras' syndrome and what is its causation?

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Once called “one of the rarest and most colourful syndromes in neurology” (Hirstein and Ramachandran), Capgras’ syndrome (or delusion) occurs when the patient believes that someone close – a friend or family member for example – is an impostor. Originally perceived to be an abnormality based on the psychodynamic model (especially due to its association with schizophrenia) research has revealed its neuroanatomical basis. Through literature search, I shall be discussing the theory proposed on its causation and explaining the science behind the delusional misidentification syndrome.