RSPG – What can essential oils teach us about antibiotic resistance?

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Essential oils have been known to inhibit bacterial growth so more and more companies are using them in their products as an alternative to ‘harsh chemicals’. We wanted to understand if, with increased usage, bacteria could become resistant to essential oils in a similar way to bacteria are becoming resistant to antibiotics.  This was a useful way to understand the threat of antibiotic resistance. Would bacteria evolve resistance, or adapt? These two possibilities may seem identical however if a bacterial cell were to evolve resistance it will forever have that resistance but if a bacterial cell adapts to the exposure of the essential oils, if you were to remove the bacterium from that environment the resistance would be reduced until it was non-existent. So what we are testing is if they adapt or evolve. We are doing this by putting a strain of E. coli in an environment where it can still grow but at a reduced rate because of the essential oils in its environment which may lead to the E. coli evolving or adapting.

Sleeping? There's a nap for that

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The question of how long you should be sleeping for drifts in and out of the public eye with few groundbreaking announcements coming through. This raises the question of just how important sleep really is; if we’ve come this far with little care for this aspect of our lives, it can’t be that important can […]

Some Benefits of Eating Apples

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Some Benefits of Eating Apples In this short article I will be briefly explaining why apples are so good for your health and why the saying ‘An apple a day, keeps the doctor away’ is probably true. First of all, apples – like many fruit – contain a whole variety of vitamins and minerals. However […]

RSPG – How does stretching help us do sports?

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Over the past few years, long held beliefs regarding the value of pre-event stretching have been questioned, and increased attention has centred on the performance of higher-intensity movements during the warm-up period. The purpose of this investigation was to examine the acute effects of two different warm-up protocols on selected fitness measures in Brompton Academy students. Specifically, we compared the effects of two different warm up techniques using either static or dynamic stretching on the standing jump test, the agility t-test and a 20 meter sprint. We found that dynamic stretching was more effective, particularly for exercise involving power and strength.