Mathematics in Music

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In the musical scale, the approximate ratio of frequencies of successive notes is the twelfth root of 2, which is roughly equal to 1.059463094. The powers of the twelfth root of 2 are rough irrational approximations of the natural musical intervals which are simple rational numbers. Physically, sound waves are vibrations. The higher the amplitude, […]

Remembering Harry Kroto…

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In March 2014 students from over 20 schools, including as far away as Chennai, India, gathered at the King’s School for our first ever conference. We were lucky enough to have chemist Harry Kroto join us as our first ever keynote speaker. At the conference, he ran two workshops and titled his talk “The Educational […]

The Future of Science

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We were lucky enough to get the opportunity to talk to Danko Antolovic, author of Whither Science? here’s what happened… We, at the Young Scientists Journal, were lucky enough to interview Danko Antolovic, a scientist and author. Senior Editor, Muhammad Hamza Waseem conducted the interview. Danko is a scientist, technologist and author who lives in […]