Paramagnetic fluids optimization of the chemical synthesis of magnetite ferrofluids

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Abstract Ferrofluids are paramagnetic liquids. The fluid is made up from a stable suspension of magnetic nanoparticles. This study investigates the synthesis of magnetite based ferrofluids with focus on the parameters of the precipitation of magnetite particles using iron(II), iron(III) and ammonium ions. Under the hypothesis that the precipitation speed and pH value had major […]

The light in dark chocolate

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Abstract Obesity is one of the biggest challenges facing the developed world, so people are very aware about what they eat. Chocolate has always been labelled as one of the foods to avoid if you are intent on losing weight. However, chemicals found in dark chocolate – such as flavanoids and phenethylamine – are known […]

Increasing the efficiency of a hybrid polymer photovoltaic cell with polymer nanofiber complexes of varied thickness

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Introduction The purpose of this investigation is to increase the power output of a specific polymer when utilized in a photovoltaic cell. Fossil fuels are an efficient and reliable source of energy, but they are detrimental to the environment, producing pollutants and greenhouse gases.((Solomon S, Plattner GK, Knutti R, Friedlingstein P. Irreversible climate change due […]

Building from the Ground up: Nanostructures to microstructures

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Creativity is at the heart of existence. Throughout history, humankind has sought to create, whether it is a painting, a piece of architecture, or a machine. Incredible feats have been realized, with increasing complexity and diversity, as technology has enabled us to create larger buildings, more vibrant images, and smaller electronics. Although countless enabling discoveries […]