Possible Influence of Plant Clusters Mounted Next to Waters on the Water Quality

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Abstract The eutrophication of natural waters is a common problem. Eutrophication describes the accumulation of nutrients (especially phosphorus and nitrogen compounds) which stimulates the growth of organisms (mainly phytoplankton). This results in a lack of oxygen and ultimately in the death of living beings in the water. This study investigates the effect of stored plants […]

The Importance of Disinfection to Reduce Pathogen Spread in Agriculture

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Abstract This paper investigates the importance of regular disinfection of farm equipment as part of an effective biosecurity system to reduce pathogen spread within an individual holding. By carrying out a laboratory investigation involving the growth of microorganisms from disinfected surfaces, the need for daily disinfection of high-risk areas is explored. The results of this […]

The Science behind Tsunamis

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A tsunami is a series of long, high sea waves caused by a disturbance in the water. This disturbance can come about in many ways such as an earthquake, landslide, volcanic eruption, or meteorite. The most common causes are volcanic or earthquake activity, and the disturbance itself causes abrupt movement of the water column. Tsunamis […]

King's Hub: Videos You Should Watch

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Here is a selection of short, fun and interesting videos recommended by the King’s Hub. There is something for every scientist, with maths, physics, biology and chemistry related content. Although they are great to watch purely as entertainment, the King’s Hub also loves these videos because they show the wonderful (and slightly weird) knowledge that science […]

Can space-based solar power save the climate?

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Introduction How shall we tackle climate change? This is still an unresolved question. Here, I will put forward an idea and argue its case. Burning fuels creates carbon dioxide, which thickens the atmosphere. Consequently, an increasing amount of the Sun’s heat is trapped. So, to tackle climate change, we must stop burning fuels. However, fuel […]