King's Hub: Videos You Should Watch

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Here is a selection of short, fun and interesting videos recommended by the King’s Hub. There is something for every scientist, with maths, physics, biology and chemistry related content. Although they are great to watch purely as entertainment, the King’s Hub also loves these videos because they show the wonderful (and slightly weird) knowledge that science […]

Mathematics in Music

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In the musical scale, the approximate ratio of frequencies of successive notes is the twelfth root of 2, which is roughly equal to 1.059463094. The powers of the twelfth root of 2 are rough irrational approximations of the natural musical intervals which are simple rational numbers. Physically, sound waves are vibrations. The higher the amplitude, […]

An Introduction to Chaos Theory

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Abstract Nature is complex. It features a multitude of systems which, simple though they may be, are unpredictable in their behaviour, and seem not to be governed by the established deterministic laws of classical physics. For many years, scientists ignored such systems claiming that their unpredictability was a result of the limitations in the accuracy […]

Golden simultaneous equations

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Abstract In this paper, we investigate the simultaneous equations derived from the Golden Ratio, and use differentiation to find the coordinates where Φ in the x-axis meets Φ in the y-axis in a golden quadratic graph. We demonstrate a proof for the solutions to the five simultaneous equations below by using algebraic and graphic solutions. […]