2016/17 Senior Team and Vision Announced

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DOWNLOAD AS PDF Young Scientists Journal – the world’s peer review science journal, written, edited and produced by 12-20 year olds – are delighted to introduce its new senior team and vision for the 2016/17 academic year. Our new Chief Editor and Team Leaders are as follows: Michael Hofmann – Chief Editor Cormac Larkin – […]

Chemistry and Light

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Light and Chemistry are more linked than you might think. There are lots of reactions which give out light as a product. We use chemistry and light in communication, electronics, medicine and entertainment. Photochemists are working for a brighter and cleaner future – essentially trying to harness the sunlight, converting it into useful energy and […]

Zooniverse Internship

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In December, three of our YSJournal Team Members, Iman Mouloudi, Cormac Larkin and Michael Hofmann, had the fantastic opportunity to visit the Zooniverse centre in Oxford. Zooniverse is a start-up company specialising in ‘Citizen Science’. They provide people around the world with the opportunity to be at the forefront of developing research in science. By […]

British Council Panel Discussion

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“Be a global citizen… Help us make this world safer and more sustainable today and for the generations that will follow us.” Ban Ki-moon Recently, YSJ Team Member Iman Mouloudi attended the British Council’s ‘How science can help achieve the sustainable goals’ panel discussion. The session was hosted by the Director of Science at the British […]

Mitochondrial Donation now deemed 'safe'

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Why does this procedure exist?  Mitochondria provide energy to nearly every cell in the body. Mitochondria is transferred from mother to the baby, but if there is a problem with the mitochondria inherited to the baby, then this can result in severe mitochondrial diseases. One in every 6,500 babies born have severe mitochondrial disease which […]

Remembering Harry Kroto…

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In March 2014 students from over 20 schools, including as far away as Chennai, India, gathered at the King’s School for our first ever conference. We were lucky enough to have chemist Harry Kroto join us as our first ever keynote speaker. At the conference, he ran two workshops and titled his talk “The Educational […]

The Future of Science

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We were lucky enough to get the opportunity to talk to Danko Antolovic, author of Whither Science? here’s what happened… We, at the Young Scientists Journal, were lucky enough to interview Danko Antolovic, a scientist and author. Senior Editor, Muhammad Hamza Waseem conducted the interview. Danko is a scientist, technologist and author who lives in […]