The effect of different force profiles on the velocity of a single scull

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ABSTRACT In this investigation, various force profiles were compared to identify the optimum profile in a single scull, the easiest boat class to model. Runs with different rowing styles were conducted to obtain velocity data, force profiles and video footage. Thereafter, a comparison between the three profiles is drawn to identify the optimum profile for […]

Artificial Harmonics on the Violin

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Abstract This report presents the results of research into artificial harmonics on the violin. In the first experiment, the ratio of string lengths between fingers was measured to determine their effect on the pitch of the artificial harmonic. The results of the first experiment indicated that the fourth finger was always placed a quarter of […]

Exploring the Realm of Conductivity

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Abstract This article explains the different types of conductors, their function, and delves into the way they conduct. It explores how and why they work, what material they are made of, and what could be their future applications. It also discusses the quantum aspects of conduction, which is explained through a classical point of view. […]

King's Hub: Videos You Should Watch

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Here is a selection of short, fun and interesting videos recommended by the King’s Hub. There is something for every scientist, with maths, physics, biology and chemistry related content. Although they are great to watch purely as entertainment, the King’s Hub also loves these videos because they show the wonderful (and slightly weird) knowledge that science […]

How can we distribute electricity more efficiently?

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Magnesium diboride superconducting cables! A new superconducting prototype cable has been developed to aim to create superconducting transmission lines for improved efficiency and less of an environmental impact for the electricity grid. To meet future energy demands, all the electricity grids throughout Europe will need to be upgraded and expanded for higher transmission capacity. For […]

Carbyne: Officially the strongest material in the world

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Scientists in Vienna have successfully created a stable form of carbyne, the world’s strongest material. Carbyne is a linear acetylenic carbon – an infinitely long carbon chain. It can be considered as a one-dimensional allotrope of carbon. Carbyne has a chemical structure with alternating single and triple bonds: (−C≡C−)n. This structure of carbon gives an […]